Why Do People Love Pizza? Check This Post Before You Grab A Slice

Why Do People Love Pizza? Check This Post Before You Grab A Slice

Everybody simply loves pizza. This Italian dish that was brought by Italian immigrants in the United States in the early 1930s has become a worldwide icon in food. The once dish that was meant to feed the working class has become the ultimate comfort food for millions of people around the world and since has been infused with different ingredients, baked in different methods, pizza today has a different appearance but remained to have a single identity.

This food was very easy and very fast to prepare, not to mention it is very convenient to eat and does not cost you a lot of money. In fact, three out of ten people in the world regularly eat pizza and it is has turned out to be one of the most versatile meals that can be prepared easily and there are already pizza bases online.

However, a lot of people have big concerns about the taste of a pizza knowing that there are countless pizzerias and parlors that are making their own versions of pizza anywhere you are. Usually, pizza appears in almost every gathering regardless if it is a lunch with a friend, a birthday party, game nights, or a simple gathering of people. Pizza has found its way to become the top alternative for people who do not have the privilege of time to cook, and you would have a hard day and do not feel like cooking in your kitchen. So, why does everyone loves pizza?

There are five main types of pizza taste that your tongue can easily recognize. These tastes or flavors from certain foods can stimulate your taste buds very well that you actually feel those tastes and create emotions out of it. There are five different types of tastes that your taste buds can identify, sweetness, saltiness, bitterness, sourness, and the umami.

So, what is umami anyway? The Japanese are very familiar when it comes to the meaning of umami which is described to be a meaty and savory flavor. In Japanese, “umami” means delicious, and pizza is delicious because of its ability to treat your taste buds with different flavors ranging from meaty, savory along with the five types of tastes that is why people cannot limit themselves with just a single slice.

Also, pizza contains a lot of ingredients that can help achieve the taste of umami knowing that it uses ingredients like tomatoes, cured meat like ham, pepperoni, bacon, or beef strips, mushrooms, spinach, and other spices and vegetables that will give you mouth bursts of different flavors that is umami.

Eating pizza is not that sinful at all, because science has already proven that eating pizza has health benefits to our body. If you eat a single slice of pizza a day, or even two slices, you are actually helping your system prevent particular types of cancer because of the presence of lycopene that is found in tomato. Pizza is drenched in a lot of tomato sauce as its base for its toppings, not to mention the spinach, and other spices that have other health benefits as well.

Also, tomato contains antioxidants that help prevent heart disease while the rest of the ingredients contain a lot of protein from cheese and the meats along with carbohydrates for energy that is found in its dough.

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