Why amla is good for health

Why amla is good for health

Indian Gooseberry or Amla tastes very sour but it is a very nutritious fruit which mainly grows in India, South East Asia and Middle East countries. In Sanskrit it is known as Amlaki.

This fruit has a lot of powerful anti oxidants and that is why it has been a great Ayurvedic product throughout. This is mainly used in order to boost skin and hair health along with making inner immunity string. This fruit is light green in colour and they have a lot of fibres in it. In India, this fruit is mainly eaten with a tint of salt and chilli powder or it can be turned into a pickle as well.

It is said that Amla is full of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. This also contains a good amount of minerals like potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and magnesium. It also contains a good amount of folic acid and carotene. They are low in calories and it is said that 100 grams of amla contains only 44 calories and apart from that the rest is full of water, minerals, proteins, fibres and carbohydrates.

Here are some major benefits of Amla:

Boosts Immunity

They are a natural immune boosters and they contain Vitamin A and C along with alkaloids, polyphenols, kaempferol and quercetin. This fruit also has a potential anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. According to Ayurveda, pure amla juice can increase the number of white blood cells in the body as they are the main line in the defence of immune system.

Controls Diabetes

This fruit contains chromium and so it has a therapeutic value for diabetes. It can stimulate an isolated group of cells which can secrete insulin and so it reduces the blood sugar level in diabetic patients. When the blood sugar level is reduced, the glucose in the cells is used as functional energy. As a result the metabolism power in a human being becomes stronger. Chromium also helps in enhancing the effect of beta blockers which are mainly good for heart health as they reduce the bad cholesterol present in the human body.

Aids in Digestion

Amla is very high in fibre and so it adds more bulk the stool by helping in moving the flood faster and keeping the bowel movements hassle free and regular. This also reduces the chance of constipation. Amla has a lot of soluble fibres and it also stimulates the secretion of digestive juices and gastric. So, the nutrients from the food get absorbed well and one feels very light and healthy.

Prevents Heart Diseases

Gooseberries are very good in improving heart health. It can strengthen the heart muscles and the blood circulation becomes more effective through the body. It can reduce the excess cholesterol build up and plaque build up in the arteries. The amount of iron present in amla can also create new red blood cells.

Amla is thus used in top Ayurvedic products in India because they are very beneficial and keep the human health well.

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