What Can Make your Car Fail in Emission Test?

What Can Make your Car Fail in Emission Test?

Given the fact that the role of automobile industry is one of the leading reasons behind environmental, especially air pollution, the automakers are now trying their level best to invent vehicles that emit lesser amount of harmful gases. The other reasons why we see more electric and hybrid vehicles around, is because of the act passed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that has set strict emission standards for the vehicles and that is why every state in the U.S. today are busy conducting the emissions tests to ensure that all the vehicles running on their streets are meeting those standards.

How Emission Tests are Conducted

As learnt from the Santa Rosa Honda service center experts, the aim of emission tests is to ensure the levels of emitted toxic gases from the vehicles that do not exceed beyond the defined limits. These tests are based on the measurement of the amount of emissions released from the tailpipe of the vehicles produced by their engines. The tests are mainly conducted to check if a vehicle is meeting the standard of regulations regarding the specific pollutants produced by the them.

What are Tested?

In all emission tests, they check the levels of the following components:

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO),
  • Nitrogen Oxide (NOX),
  • Non-Methane Organic Gases (NMOG),
  • Formaldehyde (HCHO)
  • Particulate Matter (PM)

If any car fails in the emissions test, the owner won’t be allowed to register and drive it on the U.S. roads till it is repaired and qualify in the test.

To make sure where your own vehicle stands right now, before you appear for the emission test, check these common issues and get them fixed to come out successful in the upcoming test.

Reasons that Can Fail Your Car in the Emission Test

The most common causes that can make your car fail in the emission tests include:

Rich mixture of air and fuel

Sometimes malfunctioning injectors or even a faulty oxygen sensor, can burn out the catalytic converter.

Damaged spark plugs

If the spark plugs have worn out or got damaged, it can contribute in increasing the emissions of toxic gases.

Leakage of the gas cap

A leakage in your car gas cap, can be one of the potential reasons for your car to fail in the emission test, so make it a point keep a check on this part and take immediate step to either repair or replace this cap to seal the fuel tank properly.

Worn out catalytic converter

It is always recommended by the experts of reputed service centers like that of Honda dealer Santa Rosa to closely inspect the catalytic converters before you take your car for an emissions test. This is important because in case this part got damaged, it won’t be able to convert the entire amount of generated toxic gases into the normal ones that would be less harmful for public health and make your car come out in the test with flying colors.

The Bottom Line

From the above discussed issues, you can now prepare your car well in advance before you head towards the mandatory emission test for your car.

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