What Are The Different Types Of Car Brakes Available In The Market?

What Are The Different Types Of Car Brakes Available In The Market?

Everyone who has a vehicle knows how important brakes are for their car vehicle, and it is one of the most important safety features of your car. But, what you don’t know is that it is not one part that is doing the entire job. Different types of brakes help your vehicle in taking that complete stop. Why do you need to know these types and parts? Acquire proper knowledge of different kinds of brakes and how they function from Henderson Mazda dealer, and then you will be able to figure out when your vehicles need brake the next time.

Service brake 

It is the regular brake system which is designed so that you can slow down your vehicle and bring it to a stop. They usually include disc brakes and drum brakes. Mostly vehicles like cars and trucks have a four-wheel disc, discs on the front and drums on the back. A disc brake consists of a disc brake rotor. This rotor is attached to the wheel, and the caliper is responsible for holding the disc brake pads. Disc brakes are more effective and efficient than drum brakes.

Emergency brakes 

These are also known as parking brakes and are a secondary system of brake present in the car apart from the service brakes. They work independent of service brakes, and you will find different types of emergency brakes in a vehicle including- third pedal, a stick lever between the passenger and the driver, push-button, etc. Emergency brakes are powered by cables, so this applies pressure to the wheels mechanically. Emergency brakes help in keeping the vehicle stationary when they are not moving or parked. You can even use them in emergencies when the stationary brake fails.

Anti-lock brakes

This is quite a new technique, and you will find it only in new and modern vehicles. In case the stationary brake is applied suddenly, the anti-lock brake will avoid the wheels from locking up.

Drum brake

A drum brake, on the other hand, consists of brake shoes. The brake drum is attached inside the wheel. When you pedal the brake, hydraulic pressure presses these brake shoes against the brake drum. This friction that the drum and brake shoe create helps in slowing down and stopping the vehicles.  You can replace your old brake shoes with Henderson Mazda dealerships as they assure quality service. They have been helping thousands of car owners for years to get the right service for their car. Their service is one of the best that you will ever get.

It does not matter the type of brake system your vehicle is using right now but when you replace it, make sure you are replacing it with a trusted brake system. Rely on technicians who have knowledge about different types of brakes since brakes are the most important safety feature in a vehicle. So, if you are going through any of the problems with your car, which are mentioned above, make sure that you get in touch with the right service providers.

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