Transform Your Business with React Native App & Unlock New Opportunities

Transform Your Business with React Native App & Unlock New Opportunities

Did you know an average US adult spends more than 3 hours a day on mobile apps? The huge surge in the popularity of mobile devices has unleashed an array of new opportunities for every enterprise. But in order to derive business value, enterprises need to transform their legacy approach and innovate new service delivery model.

In this article, we have divulged how a React Native development company could enable you to digitally transform your business and remain competitive in a highly challenging environment.

Why Build React Native App

There is a paradigm shift in the business ecosystem due to the advancement of technology. Businesses that embraced this latest trend, have led their companies to the pinnacle of success, and those who failed, were perished. Most businesses these days are static, and paralyzed by geographical limitations.

With a React Native app, you can smash all these limitations and fuel the next phase of your business. It will empower you to leverage mobility, reach a greater audience, and satisfy customers. According to the IBM Institute for Business Value research, 84% of CIOs consider mobile solutions as a strategic investment to get closer to customers.

Some of the notable reasons to build React Native app for your business are as follows:

Tried and Tested Mobility Platform

React Native is a tried and tested mobility platform backed by an open-source community. Initially launched by Facebook, React Native apps are being consumed by global giants – Instagram, F8, Airbnb, Skype, Tesla, and WalMart. The platform can deliver mobile apps faster and it can save at least 30% of costs compared to traditional native technologies.

Greater Visibility

As more and more customers are turning towards smartphones, mobile apps give better visibility of your business and boost the probability to reach a wider audience. According to some reports, an average mobile user spends minimum two hours per day on their device using only certain apps. To cater to this always-on audience, your business app built on React Native platform is the ultimate choice.

Better Brand Recognition

Most businesses find it challenging to build their brand. They try out various ways to expand their business, but overlook the importance of technology and fail to transform their business. If you properly market your React Native mobile app, it can take your brand to an elite level and build a reputation in the business world.

The more your customers use your mobile app, the more they will be loyal to your brand. Build a React Native app for your business that has features your customers will love, keeping the UX at the very first place.

Improved Business Growth

By building a React Native app, enterprises can cater to a larger user base encompassing both iOS and Android platforms. And that too, without incurring development cost for separate platforms. If you want to focus on diverse geography and not sure about your prospect’s favorite mobile platforms, React Native apps are the best choice. A bright and highly interactive mobile app with the great user interface can lead your business to the summit of success.

How React Native is Transforming Traditional Business Models

The rapid growth of mobility and popularity of React Native apps have unleashed new ideas and ushered in innovative business models. Facebook, Uber, Instagram, and many such new products and business models are popping up every other day.

Mobile apps built by React Native development companies these days have redefined user experience. Customers now rely on mobile apps to order their menu before setting out to the restaurant. Before boarding into the flight, flyers can now choose their seats, meals, and ask for special preferences at by using mobile apps.

Almost all sectors can transform their business with the help of a React Native development company and unlock new business opportunities and simultaneously can save the customer’s time and improve customer experience. Let us look at how some of the major verticals that have been transformed by React Native app.

  • E-commerce – React Native apps have completely transformed the retail sector. Retailers now employ mobile apps to expand their customer base and offer a better shopping experience to their customers. E-commerce is now a multi-billion dollar industry where many innovative ways are being deployed to deliver better CX.
  • Healthcare – This is yet another sector, which has been completely transformed by mobility solutions. By using the React Native apps, for instance, patients can run self-diagnosis and transmit required details to the physician.
  • Manufacturing – Collaboration plays a crucial role in every business, but its importance in the manufacturing sector is paramount. By using mobile apps, enterprises can effectively collaborate among employees, contractors, third parties, and customers and drive growth.
  • BFS – It has always been a challenge for the banking and financial services sector to comply with continuously changing regulatory requirements and at the same time deliver enhanced customer experience. React Native mobile apps have resolved these challenges.

Likewise, many other sectors could leverage the future-ready platform of React Native to transform their business and unlock new revenue opportunities. If you are not sure about how you can make the most, it is always better to get in touch with a React Native development company. These companies are experienced in dealing with a global clientele and recommend an ideal solution based on your specific use case.

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