Top Rated Mexican restaurants in Hayward, California

Top Rated Mexican Restaurants in Hayward, California

The City of Hayward is located in the Alameda County, California in the east Bay subregion of the San Francisco Bay Area. The proximity of the city to the Bay Area opens up the city to a wide variety of seafood that is locally sourced. Hayward has a lot of outlets serving a wide variety of food from Afghan to Italian, sushi to Mexican and the very own local BBQ spots.

 Being only a 30 minutes drive from the San Francisco, a lot of tourists and locals drive to Hayward to enjoy various craft beers that are brewed in the local breweries along with the various food cuisines.

Mexican Food is widely enjoyed among the people of Hayward. The large portions and rich and colourful food plates are a perfect food pick for the locals and the tourists.

When we talk of the mexican restaurant hayward, the top names that come up are:

  1. La Pinata

This small yet cozy and colourful place has been in the city for 30 years now. Considered a great option for take outs, the place offers great traditional dishes like the tortilla soup, tacos, burritos and grilled chicken bowls.

As an attraction to the tourists and locals, la Piñata also arranges for the band to complete the Mexican experience. Some amazing drink options are also available at la piñata.

  1. Tacos Uruapan Mexican restaurant

Named after the owners home town in Mexico, this place once started as a taco truck 30 years ago in Hayward. Now recognised as one of the top restaurants in Hayward servings Mexican food. This place has a very warm and family setup feel to it where all the classic Mexican dishes are on the menu. One thing that the locals here recommend is the super nachos that are served with beans and guacamole.

  1. Taqueria Senaida’s

Since this one has been there for a long time now, the local community feels that it is kind of staple for them. Serving authentic Mexican food, you cannot afford to miss this when in Hayward. This place has also been known for quick service. So the next time you are in the neighbourhood and looking for some quick food options give this one a shot.

  1. Los compadres

      This one is also one of the old Mexican restaurants that have been known to serve great food. Colourful décor and outstanding service is one of the reasons this 4th generation running restaurant is still successful. They also celebrate a lot of events at the los compadres to keep there customers entertained.

  1. La Casita restaurant

Known for it fresh seafood, this place has its own fan following. The parking space is a little tight here but that does not stop people from coming here to enjoy authentic Mexican food.

Fresh made salsa and chips served here are favourite. Service here is very prompt and quesadillas and seafood rice bowls are not to be missed.

Mexican food has been a favourite in almost all parts of the globe and Hayward is no different. Here the mexican restaurant hayward ca caters to all the local and tourists that flow in from the San Francisco. Next time you are around the city, drive in to any of these to have great experience.

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