Top Indian sweets hardly you can give a miss

Top Indian sweets hardly you can give a miss

With temperatures dipping and winter season well on its way, a tendency to crave for sweets is normal. The halwas, gajaks and other sweets are in high demand during winter times not only for their yummy and sweet taste but during the cold weather keep you warm. You need to observe a list of sweets that you can hardly afford to give a miss during the winter months. Even the train food delivery has it on their menu list. Let us go through them in details.

Gajar ka Halwa

With arrival of winter, the red vegetable of carrot helps you to make the amazing lip smacking halwa for each and many. It is cost effective and available in abundance at this juncture. The dish is prepared with grated carrots along with milk or khoya and incorporated with nuts. Adjust the coconut powder as per your preferences and desires. Nothing stands in comparison to the taste of this wonderful dish.

Moong ki dal ka halwa

The presence of ghee with an aura of smell makes it the favourite dish of many. The preparation of this dish is a time consuming affair, but every effort is worth . Since it is expected to have a longer shelf life you can carry it along with your wherever you go. In addition you can enjoy it anytime.


With the onset of winter, all of us crave for the delicious gajaks. They are incorporated from the various types of chikkis incorporated from a wide blend of sesame seeds, jaggery , peanuts etc. being delicious in taste a single bit of it would make you crave for more.

Till ka Ladoo

One of the must have sweet dishes during the winter months and because of the flavour and taste keeps your body dry and is made of crushed peanuts, sesame seeds, jaggery , cardamom and lots of ghee. They are pretty hard to resist from a consumption point of view

Gondh ka Ladoo

Not only this delight is expected to be consumed by new born mothers or even pregnant ladies. This paves way to be one of the best dishes for anyone who craves for a sweet bite. The ingredients are melon seeds, almond, wheat flour, gum; sugar etc. to name a few. An in demand and preferable sweets for your delight.

Naan Khatai- a preferable and a perfect home delight to feast upon. From the ingredient point of view there is maida, sugar powdered, pistachios and sooji. Go on to bake and taste the delicious cookies anytime and anywhere you can have them. Though after meals it is preferred.

Gulab Jamun

Though it happens to be a favourite dish of many it can be consumed during any season, but the taste multiples during the winter months. They are perfect to make during the winter months and replicate the form of round balls providing them a magical taste.

These are some of the sweet dishes you can consume during the winter season.

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