Tips to Study Maths More Effectively

Tips to Study Maths More Effectively

Students generally experience various emotions when it comes to Maths. Those can vary from being stressed for some and it could be fun for others. The major reason for it is that it’s complex or sometimes boring for them. It can be made more interesting and engaging if the concepts are clear and a student gets more involved in it (Practice).

To give a more relatable example, NCERT is considered as the Bible by Class 9 and 10 students for gaining conceptual knowledge. The most important step after clearing the concept is to have more problem-solving techniques, and for that, one needs to practice questions from different reference books like RS Aggarwal Solution Class 9.

How to Study Maths more Effectively?

To score high in Maths or develop an interest in this subject, you don’t need extraordinary brains. You just need to follow few tips for the same.

❏    Practice makes a man perfect

This surely stands true for Maths. This subject needs a lot of practice. You need to follow the steps to listen to the teacher, understand the logic and then apply the same by yourself to get a better grasp of the topic.

❏    Wide varieties of Maths questions

Now that you’re practising hard, you need to get exposed to the varied variety of questions from past question papers. Because practising the same easy questions at the beginning of the chapter will not prepare you for the challenging questions in the exams. Practising from the previous years’ sample papers given at the end of the books like RS Aggarwal Solution Class 10 within the set time limit will help you to be more familiar and ace them during the exam.

❏    Make separate notes for Formulae, concepts, and theories

These really come in handy for the last minute revision. These are also given separately at the end of various reference books. RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 10 also lists all the formulae at the end of each of its chapters which makes easy for the students to copy them to make notes.

And the most effective tip is to remember to be ‘CONFIDENT’.

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