Tips to Prepare For Both Boards And Competitive Exams Using NCERT Solutions

Tips to Prepare For Both Boards And Competitive Exams Using NCERT Solutions

Class 11 and 12 is the time for you to juggle between the preparations for the competitive exams and scoring high marks in the board exams. Very often, few of you might disregard one in favor of the other, thus causing them to lose out one way or the other. However, there is a fool-proof method to study and prepare for all these exams together.

While you can be assured that CBSE board exams cover questions from the NCERT textbooks, the competitive exams are quite ahead when you consider the difficulty level of the question papers that are being set. Usually, the board exams take place in March while competitive exams are often conducted in April. Hence, you will have to plan appropriately to score well in both the exams. This is where the solutions can be handy for you.

Keeping the Perfect Balance Between Boards And Competitive Exams

Plan Well From The Beginning: Make sure to have a proper plan in place from the beginning of your exam preparation. Invest a few hours daily and start preparing for the board exams with the help of textbooks, previous year papers, sample papers, and so on. For more practice before the exams, students can also solve the NCERT Solutions.

Start preparing for Competitive Exams: After you are through with the concepts of the textbook, you can begin your preparation for the competitive exams, somewhere around mid- September maybe. During the hours you spend preparing for the competitive exams, make sure to be thorough with the syllabus of both class 11 and class 12.

Correlate and study the topics: Study about topics for competitive exams and see how you can relate to what you were taught in class. NCERT Solutions can be a way to get more practice with different types of questions.

Why NCERT Books?

You should know to strike the perfect balance between boards and competitive exams if you are expecting to perform equally well in both the exams. Most of the competitive exams like NEET, JEE, and others have adopted NCERT as a guideline for designing their question papers. These books help to clear out your doubts, thus making you strong in the concepts. The language used is also straightforward and clear.

Even if the questions may not be asked directly as is from the textbooks, they do follow a similar pattern, thus making it easier for the students to prepare for both the board and other competitive exams. The NCERT Syllabus influences the numerical based questions that come in the exams.

Apart from NCERT, you should also solve a lot of previous NEET or JEE question papers to get an idea about the question pattern. You can also solve a lot of objective type questions from other reference materials or books, as most of the questions asked in the competitive exams are MCQs.

At the same time, the solutions consist of a stepwise explanation of the concepts covered in the questions from the textbooks, thus helping you to clear all the doubts and be confident enough to face the board and competitive exams fearlessly. Therefore, we can conclude that referring to other study materials in addition to NCERT books and solutions will make it easy for the students to score well in the exams, both boards and competitive.

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