Tips To Get the Site Feature in Google Answer Box

Tips To Get the Site Feature in Google Answer Box

Many entrepreneurs are eager to enhance their online business reach among targeted customers spread across the region or the globe. Answer Box also termed as the featured snippet is considered to be one fabulous place in the search engine results that can help the site to get on the number one place.

The reason is that this snippet helps the targeted people to reach the content directly to the site. It also invests users in the brand and content even before they get to know what the business is all about.

It is due to this interesting aspect that it is gaining immense popularity. Hence, it becomes essential to know how site landing is to be carried out. With some useful tips, the business relevant content can be entered into Google’s Answer Box.

Some useful tips to follow:

  • Reverse engineer content

While creating new contents or revamping the old content, it is essential to make the Answer Box, the top priority. With informative, valuable, and well-written contents, it is sure not to detract from content written for Answer Box specifically.

Majority of the people visiting the business site are seeking an answer to a question or identify a solution to solve their issues. By starting from that solution or answer and working backwards will ensure having good and workable content. It also increases chances to secure Answer Box Spot from the beginning.

  • Develop strong foundational SEO

Results appearing in the Answer Box are not always number one but within top five. It means, to get the content at the top spot, highly ranking questions or keywords will be required. For this, high referring domain volume will be required, at least 1,000.

Apart from this, the page that is preferred to land within the Answer Box does require to have higher engagement level. The content needs to be kept under 2,000 words if the page is desired to be viewed within the Answer Box. However, it is to offer substantial value.

Having an authoritative site with valuable information, frequent and relevant updates can help to get more favours from the search engine. Also, the site needs to be mobile optimized since half of the web traffic tends to come from different mobile devices.

If the site is not mobile optimized, then Google is not likely to give the site much attention. Mobile friendly tools can be used to check if the site is mobile-friendly or not and to derive optimization suggestions that can help improve the user experience.

  • Focus upon entities

Entities definitely are valuable like that of keywords, and hence, the focus should be on content creation which can serve perfectly. Entity, actually, focuses upon specific people and contents rather than keywords. J.K. Rowling and Costa Rica are entities and not keywords.

Therefore, combining keywords and relevant entities can create an ideal situation for the search engine. The engine gets to know about the keywords and how it is relevant to the end user. This, in turn, narrows the search results and the best one is assisted to be positioned at the top.

Discussing with the top SEO Company in India can help the entrepreneur to take the right decision and witness the official site go up on the Google search engine rankings and Answer Box.

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