The ways coworking has drastically changed the strategies of Indian entrepreneurs in scaling up their business

The ways coworking has drastically changed the strategies of Indian entrepreneurs in scaling up their business

The most frequently asked question by several entrepreneurs is whether they can scale up their business at a coworking space. Let’s analyze this based on certain facts and figures which will reveal whether a coworking space would ensure growth or not.

We all are aware of the fact that a business is a risk-reward proposition. A coworking space Hyderabad is indeed a great place for every business and startup owner. By adopting a coworking space, you work in an environment that is absolutely conducive for optimum growth, better learning and exploring the various new arenas.

1. Collaboration is the key -If you are looking forward to some advice in improving your service, then you should ideally resolve the issue by taking others’ suggestions. A coworking platform offers you ample opportunities of collaborating with several other intelligent and like-minded professionals from where you would be able to receive suggestions and feedback on the problems that you are facing in your business/startup.

How does it work?

  • Access to talent – While you operate from a coworking space, you will surely have access to an immediate community of thinkers, innovators, creators and highly successful people who operate from under the same roof. The coworking spaces like iKeva are more well-organized and effective as compared to several incubators and accelerators.
  • Diverse people –A coworking space usually has a well-managed community which solves all the tricky issues of finding a good mentor, a set of well-skilled people and also people from diverse backgrounds and with varied experiences.

2. You have chances of developing a new clientele –Once you enter a coworking space, you have a potential client-base which is ready to hear your pitch on a great concept or product. You can very easily scale your business at any of the well-organized coworking spaces.

  • Potential clients waiting –The overall beauty of the coworking spaces is based on the founding notion of talking as well as interacting with the other members. This can act as an ice-breaker and there are several people who end up hesitating to do the same either in a traditional workspace or some coffee shop.
  • Exchange of services–The normal chit-chat with a coworker can end up turning to a striking and fruitful conversation about hiring, fundraising or service barter with each other. The exchange of the ideas and services are extremely useful for those ambitious and progressive professionals who are seriously looking forward to forging ahead in their professional careers.

3. You have an opportunity of experiencing a vibrant community –When you have an opportunity of working with the like-minded people, you automatically get motivated to perform well in every single day.

  • Enjoying the opportunity of doing something remarkable–Each workplace is being linked to the person’s physical as well as mental health. That feeling of being a part of a growing community in the workspace can considerably raise the concerned person’s productivity and also raise the overall outlook on work. You can imagine the positive aspects of being surrounded by several goal-oriented individuals and this would certainly bring in a positive difference in the professional as well as personal life. This is indeed a very rear opportunity.
  • Workshops, events & meet-ups –All those professionals who are operating from the coworking spaces can be your potential partners, clients or even mentors. To top up the same, the events can make it easier for connecting. The seminars, workshops and meet-ups can facilitate in making you feel as a part of a thriving community.

4. Discovering new industries, new partnerships and new markets–Partnerships in business are very crucial. This has the power of making or breaking a business. The people & businesses alike can very fruitfully strive to discover the new markets and also new industries.

  • A new stimulus – The massive popularity of the coworking spaces in India is largely attributed to the social inclusion as well as return on investment factor that this offers. Coworking certainly bridges the existing gap that usually prevails between the requirement of social inclusion & social stimulus.
  • Prospect of meeting new investors or partners – You have the probability of getting an opportunity in order to scale your business while operating from a coworking space. Setting up a similar arrangement or getting into a corporate partnership isn’t a small feat. You have a high probability of receiving such exposure in a coworking space.

So, these facts very well reveal that there are several ways by which the coworking spaces have drastically changed the strategies of Indian entrepreneurs in scaling up their business considerably.

You may write to us in the comment box below regarding your experiences in the coworking spaces and how this has helped in progressing your business to the next level.

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