The Use of Body Pillow during Pregnancy

The Use of Body Pillow during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very important time for a mother-to-be and at this time with all the joy comes the pain too. However, there are also solutions to some issues as well, like the best pregnancy body pillow. While you are going through your pregnancy, your body needs better rest and that comes from a good sleep, and these pillows help in the same.

If you haven’t slept with a body pillow for a while then you must know that there are some good effects of it and especially now, when you are pregnant. However, there are reverse opinions too on the same, but to know the exact scenario; here we have covered the pillow matter for your convenience.

Advantages of body pillow

  • Most of the body pillows come in ‘U’ or in ‘C’ shapes, and that is for you to curl your body with it and having support by the cushion. Small pillows do not hold the same advantage where bigger ones as body pillows do. If you are having back pain or having trouble sleeping they can have the same to feel less discomfort and nice soundless sleep.
  • Then the question arises, why use a body pillow during pregnancy, and one of the main reasons is the mother gets to have a better and longer sleep. The doctors also recommend the same to the pregnant women, because it regulates the blood circulation and the cushion support gives you the relaxed position that you require at this stage.
  • A body pillow is useful even when your baby arrives. At the time of breastfeeding a full-length pillow comes to the aid, as you can prop up and feed your baby in a side-lying position. There are some ‘U’ shaped ones that help you feed when you are in a sitting position as well.

Disadvantages of body pillow

  • One of the few disadvantages is that if you have a small bed and you have bought a body pillow during the pregnancy then your partner might have to sleep elsewhere because the pillow will take a lot of space. You definitely need to consider the option of the same, when you have another room to sleep or the amount of time you turn over in the night time. When you shift or turn, you certainly turn with your body pillow, and during this, you might knock off your partner from the bed, only for the small bed.
  • The price of body pillows are a concern, as the larger one will cost you good bucks than the smaller ones, and after you give birth to your baby, and then when the breastfeeding time is over, you no longer need it that much. So do pay attention to these matters.
  • Also, you need to take care of the cleaning part of the pillow; otherwise the dirty cover can be a hygienic issue. You always need to have two covers for it too.

Last not least, if you are feeling that a body pillow is not your thing during pregnancy then you can go for straight pillows for the comfort on your back or a thin one that can rest between your legs to get better support.

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