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Sell Scrap Car for Cash in Perth

Got a scrap car to get rid of but not sure how to go about it? If your car is no longer roadworthy, then it’s safe to say that it’s in scrap condition. And the problem with owning a scrap car that is that it can be difficult to find a buyer for it. After all, who will want to buy a car that doesn’t work? Well, Cash for Car Perth – that’s who. We are a Car Removal Service in Perth that’s in the business of buying cars for cash. We buy cars of all makes and conditions – old, scrap, rusted, used or unregistered.

Enjoy A Free Car Removal Service in Perth

Cash for Car Perth offers Free Car Removal Service in Perth. What this means is that scrap car owners can now get a free car removal, Free Auto Wrecking and recycling in Perth. This means your unusable scrap car can now be easily disposed of, without spending a cent to have it removed and towed away. In fact, when we collect your car, we pay you cash for it! So, apart from a free car removal, scrap car owners can also look to make a few bucks out of their ‘worthless scrap car’.

How to Sell Your Scrap Car for Cash in Perth?

To sell your scrap car for cash, simply get in touch with us.

  • Call us for a free car valuation. We will ask for details of the vehicles (such as its make, model, condition, odometer reading & VIN) and make you an offer over the phone.
  • If you accept our offer, we will send our Perth Car Collection team to pick up the vehicle from your location.
  • Our team will hand over the cash, complete the paperwork and tow away your scrap car. All this will be done in under an hour, so you won’t have your entire day disrupted because of the car removal.

We’ve simplified the car selling process, so you can sell your car with just a call to us. Let us do all the hardwork. With minimal effort and time, you can get top cash for cars and have it towed away within hours.

Where’s the Value in Scrap Cars?

If you’re not sure why we buy scrap cars – cars that are beyond repair, the fact is that we are car wreckers and recyclers who buy these junk vehicles for their scrap metals. We then wreck and recycle them, turning all those old, rusted metals into new, recycled materials.

And since we are green car recyclers, our recycling process is very eco-friendly, carried out by professionals who know how to get the most out of a scrap car without affecting the environment.

Got a scrap car that’s an eyesore? Get rid of it fast – and for cash, with Cash for Car Perth. Get a free quote by calling us on 0404 422 111.

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