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Origin Of Birthday Cakes | The Best Ice Cream Cakes In Melbourne

Cakes are always a part of a celebration. Whether it’s a birthday, christening, promotion, anniversary, wedding, just to name a few. There are now different types of cakes to choose from. One of the most popular is ice cream cakes. These Creative Birthday Cakes makes any event or celebration even more special. But how did cakes on birthdays begin? When did we all start having cakes during these celebrations?

The Truth Behind Cakes During Birthday Celebrations

Many people believe that the very first birthday cake originated during the Middle Ages in Germany. Germans tend to celebrate the birthdays of their children with a cake. They call this the Kinderfest Celebration. Originally, the cakes were coarse and are like bread products. Later on, they became sweeter and were called, “Geburtstagorten.”

During the 17th century, cakes became more elaborate and were made with icing and decorations. Only wealthy families can afford these cakes because of the expensive ingredients used to make it. The 18th century came and this is when the food and baking accessories became more accessible and cheaper. The prices of these cakes also went down.

All About Ice Cream Cakes

If you haven’t tried ice cream cakes yet, then you should order Ice cream cakes in Victoria. Ice cream cakes are layers of sponge cakes filled with ice cream. It is believed that ice cream cakes were originally made with biscuits and cream. During the Victorian era, these were called, “Bombes.” It was made of ice cream and fruit. These cakes are very popular worldwide, especially in Australia. When ice cream cake was not yet available, what restaurants use are fried ice cream as an alternative.

Birthday Cake Shop -The Best In Melbourne!

The Birthday Cake Shop is the online subsidiary of The Gourmet Ice Cream Factory Pty Ltd. This is owned and run by an Australian family and they operated within Melbourne, Victoria. They use the Lick Me™ ice cream which represents the traditional European sorbet and ice cream recipes. Because of this cultural inheritance, it resulted in the creation of the best ice cream in Australia.

The cakes at the Birthday Cake Shop are amazing. You can choose from designer cakes, photo cakes, and novelty shaped cakes. If you want, you can also build your own cake! You can choose any design, shape, image, size, and color, depending on what you or the celebrator wants. So if you are celebrating your birthday in Melbourne, there’s no better place to get your ice cream cake than in the Birthday Cake Shop.

How can a birthday celebration be complete without a birthday cake? Making a wish before blowing that birthday cake candle will always be a special part of the party. So why not take the celebration up a notch? Get the best ice cream cake from the Birthday Cake Shop today. They have made to order cakes so you have to visit their website to check out your cake options. You can either order online or pick up your cake from any of their stores.

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