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Make Your Website Shine: 5 Web Design Tips for Growing Businesses

Your online presence is essential to let your consumers and business partners know what you do and who you are. Good web design speaks volumes about your brand, attracting interest and making it easy for people to remember you. That leads to stronger bonds with your target audience as well as an increased conversion rate. Yet, one of the most common web design challenges that small businesses face is that they’re scared to embrace technology that will help them to streamline their business. So how can you create the best website for your side business? Read along…

Showcase Your Selling Proposition

It’s extremely important to emphasise why customers should choose you and not the competition. That’s what a selling proposition is: a strategy meant to show customers why only your products or services can solve their most pressing needs.

You have to make sure your selling proposition is visible and easy to understand. The “About me” section is the perfect place to show people what you can do for them. According to this article www.magicdust.com.au/web-design/ instead of focusing on yourself, the “About Us” section is not about you at all, but rather about your visitors.

Make It Easy for People to Reach You

One of the major web design issues that are often ignored is when users are not able to find the info that they’re searching for. People should be able to get in touch with you easily, meaning they should get to your contact page without any navigation problems. Make sure there aren’t too many visuals that distract their attention, an inconsistent interface, or too much clicking involved.

You can ask friends to see how fast they reach your contact page or hire professional help. Another good idea is to ask them how easy it is to buy products via your website.

Emphasise Your Work

Apart from your selling proposition, it’s important for consumers to see the work you’ve done for other people. The general consensus is that your portfolio should only contain your best pieces. However, it’s useful to include some of your worst, but only to emphasise your progress and what you’ve learnt from your mistakes.

One of the best ways to build an online portfolio is by telling a story in which you’re the hero. Start with the problem, talk about your thought process and describe the solution you came up with. It works also to include data about the results and how effective your solution was.

Keep Your Website Safe

Your customer data is important and should be kept safe. The good news is that you can increase the security of your website quite easily. You can prevent risks of an attack by backing up your website in case of a security breach, updating your website regularly and using a two-factor authentication that involves a text or time-based password.

Allow Your Website to Grow

Your website should evolve along with your business, so you need a scalable theme that can be easily updated with custom features, and CMS platforms like WordPress are the best for the job.

Managed hosting is essential for growing traffic, considering you won’t have to deal with new updates or security.

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