Live and Breathe for Fashion And Style? Image Consultant Training Might Just Be For You

Live and Breathe for Fashion And Style? Image Consultant Training Might Just Be For You

Anyone who has at least visited Singapore can talk about the buzzing streets filled with a harmonious combination of old and new, and the many cultures blending in together that give the city a truly unique personality. Fashion trends are no exception. Flashy, high-end boutiques and stores, and snazzy shopping centres, particularly along Orchard Road or Marina Bay Sands are home to some of the most amazing brands and pieces both from internationally recognized brands and home-grown designers and businesses.

And while shopping is considered by many to be the best therapy, not all of us have been blessed with an innate sense of style and eye for design. However, for those lucky ones, born with an acute sense of what’s hot and what’s not paired with a desire to discover more about how styling and personal branding come together with body and facial configurations, a training in image consulting seems to be the way to go.

In today’s day and age when everyone has about 3 seconds to make an impression, appearance matters. Image can make or break an important business deal or the prospect of a new job in professional environments, while socially, it can determine how peers perceive someone and subsequently, how they choose to interact. Singaporean dress codes are in general quite laid back and because of the weather, attire must be ready and suitable for the often scorching outdoor temperatures and the icy air-conditioned indoors. But this is quite a general guiding principle and when one must take into consideration accessories, make-up, hair, body posture and personality, it can become daunting and overwhelming even for the savviest of people. This is where an image consultant steps in and helps.

Kick-starting an image consultant career

A career change is always as exciting as it might be frightening so it’s important to know what the advantages will be and what to expect. Image consultants benefit from a lot of flexibility, whether they seek to get employed fulltime at an already established business, do it part time for extra income or build their own business. The very first step is to complete the training and while there isn’t a standard education required, a trainee will gain most out of a course which covers all aspects – from certain aspects of fashion and colour analysis, all the way to nutrition and effective communication. Because the training is deeply rooted in personal branding, Public Relations professionals can get a head start and use their already honed skills.

Equally important is to understand that clothes don’t make a person. They should rather compliment their personality, style and preferences and enhance their overall image which is more than looking good and wearing the latest clothes.

Graduating the training is only the beginning. From there on, future image consultants will need to build as much hands on experience with as many different people as possible, and similarly stay on top of the latest fashion developments – which shouldn’t be a problem for anyone seeking this career!

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