Know more about the infections that might occur during pregnancy

Know more about the infections that might occur during pregnancy

It has been observed that infections in the vagina including the yeast infection is very common during pregnancy. This infection is definitely not a cause of concern. However, there might be certain infections in the uterus that may cause certain complications and in case it happens, necessary medications should be taken.

List of some of the most common symptoms of vaginal infections

  • If there is an yeast infection in around the vagina, you might feel a lot of itchiness around the area.
  • Again there might also be cases where the vaginal discharge is very thick and is similar in texture to cottage cheese. This normally happens if there is a yeast infection in the vagina
  • In case your vagina gives out the odor of beer or bread, there is a high possibility that infection has occurred around the vaginal area.
  • You might also get the sensation of some sort of pain as well burning around the vaginal area
  • You might also face some sort of a burning sensation or pain at the time of intercourse if you are suffering from vaginal infection.

Infections that might be more dangerous

Toxoplasmosis, is a sort of protozoal infection, that is not at all good and might lead to a miscarriage or the death of the fetus. Listeriosis is another bacterial infection that might lead to still birth or even preterm labor. If required you can take pregnancy infections medicine recommended by the doctor.

Here are some steps that will actually help in preventing pregnancy

  • Maintaining good hygiene and washing your hands at regular intervals will certainly prevent you from suffering from these infections.
  • If you want to have meat during this stage, make sure that you cook them properly.
  • Do not drink milk that is unpasteurized and also make sure that you do not have food that are made from raw milk.
  • It is important that you talk to your doctor regarding the Group B streptococcus. It has been observed that 1 out of every 4 women have this bacteria in them but do not really feel sick. So the best way to test whether this bacteria is present in you or not is to go for a swab test. If you get a positive result, ask your doctor as to how you can prevent your baby from this bacteria.
  • If you are pregnant, it is very important that you do not stay near people who are suffering from any kind of infection like rubella or chicken pox. So make sure that you take the chicken pox and the MMR vaccine.
  • It is important that you take prenatal vitamins pills like iron, calcium, folic acid and other minerals and these definitely ensure that you do not suffer from infections during pregnancy.

If you are careful during pregnancy, then you will certainly be able to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. It is important to avoid harmful infections at all times and especially at a time when you are pregnant. There are a number of medicines for infections in pregnancy available and you should always take a medicine that has been prescribed by the doctor.

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