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Invest in an Inverter: Get the Best from the Top Supplier in the Country

The changing world of ours has many demands but one thing will always be constant. This is the need for electric power to drive all the appliances in the house. The house appliances run on alternating current so you must give it the AC power for it to operate. This is alright as long as you have the supply from the grid, but when that fails, you must turn to an alternate source of power such as the UPS system.

Storing as DC power

The UPS is a system that stores electric power in the form of chemical energy inside the batteries. Then, using the inverter, it converts the DC power to AC power that is then fed to the appliances in the house. For the best buy inverter go online and search for the “top supplier in India of UPS systems” or “Award-winning supplier of UPS systems in India.” You will get a list of the best suppliers and if you get your inverter and battery from them, you will get high-quality items.

To order your UPS unit, you must know how big it should be. If you order a big unit, then you will be wasting money. Also, if the system is not big enough, you will have to re-order and this will create problems. First, calculate the power needs by adding all the wattage of the equipment. The tube light is about 40 watts, the computer is 120 watts, if you use your tube light for 4 hours and the computer for 7 hours, the total power consumed is 40×4 = 160 Wh and 120×7=840 Wh which comes to 1000 Wh or 1 kWh, that is 1 unit.

High-consumption units in the house

This is the energy consumed in one day. The air-conditioner and water heater are high energy consumers that need as much as 1 unit per hour. Also, the current requirement for the 1 unit air-conditioner will be much higher like 1.6 units because it needs a higher current to start. The ordinary inverters in the house are of lower rating like 800 Watt-hour or at the most 1 kWh. So, you cannot run an air conditioner using it. To find the best inverter online India has many stores on the internet. You can check them by searching for the best supplier on Google.

Install solar panels

You can see if you can afford to install a solar system on your roof by calculating the area you have. To generate 1 kWh, you need 10 square meters of area. The efficiency of the solar system is about 0.6 and you can expect 1600-1650 kWh of electricity every year. The life of the solar panel is 10-20 years depending on the brand. You can get your investment back in the third year itself so all the rest of it is profit.

For people living in remote areas, the use of the inverter makes everything possible. They can use electricity throughout the day and night because they have the inverter. This is helpful for people who work continuously and need power throughout the day. If a power outage occurs, they lose thousands of rupees. Now, you avoid that through the use of the inverters.

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