Are you a cocktail mixer? If yes, you must be aware about the terms such as mixing, shaking blending etc. Actually, these are the most common terms used by every cocktail mixer. If you are the one or you want to be the one, you should be knowing about these terms. If you don’t know, you will think that cocktail mixing is not a big deal but do you know, a wrong cocktail mixer can be disastrous. In this article, you will get to know about the ways to make the best cocktail. Let us know about it.


First of all, you should be well-versed with the ingredients of the cocktail. You can’t just afford to ignore even the single ingredient of the cocktail. So, you should be placing the ingredients of the cocktail in the blending jar. You can also use any other kind of blender also. Usually, people say, shaking and blending are one and the same thing. But don’t forget, shaking and blending are two different things. You can’t achieve the properly blended cocktail with the shaker. So, you have to go for blending only. With the blending, the air will get incorporated into the cocktail and it will give a frothy consistency. Unlike shaking, don’t blend the cocktail for too long, not blend it for too short also because over lending will give a watery consistency to the cocktail. People also make a mistake of putting the whole cubes of ice unto the blender. In fact, you should put the ice by breaking into the small cubes.


If your cocktail has all the ingredients which are very clear, so you have to go for mixing only. You don’t have to use any kind of mixer or shaker, you can simply do the mixing in any glass beaker/jar/jug. Mixing is a little bit different from the blending. In this, you have to first put a few cubes of ice into the jar or jug then you can mix it by pouring the drink on it. Keep on mixing until the film of condensation appears on the wall of the jug. Never stir the drink too quickly, always stir it gently so as to preserve the effervescent of the drink.


If you want to make the best drink, you have to choose the muddling. You can use the other end of the stirring spoon which can be used for muddling. You can use the muddler to mix and crush the mint leaves with the sugar and that is. You can enjoy the best pro cocktails anytime. You can use any of the methods to enjoy the best drink.

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