Four common but effective DIY’s to eradicate Japanese knotweed

Four common but effective DIY’s to eradicate Japanese knotweed

It is highly uncommon for a lot of us to get rid of Japanese knotweed problem without calling companies that specialize in removing invasive plant species, however, not everyone thinks that way, some of us wants to have their own Do It Your own (DIY) removal of Japanese knotweed.

Generally, the majority of people does not want to deal with the invasive Japanese knotweed on their own as they are most likely not that knowledgeable about the proper process of removing and eliminating the plant at their backyard or front porch.

It is simply complicated and time-consuming to solve this problem, however, there are many are also keen on doing it on their own.

To start off, the perfect time to remove the Japanese knotweed, you should have the perfect timing depending on your strategy and the severity of its infestation which requires repeated removal of any sprawling Japanese knotweed that regrows in a very short span of time.

There are different methods that applied perfectly in different times of the year. During spring, you can cover it with tarps, while on summer and early fall, you can spray it with herbicides while in the middle of summer, you can cut it and ultimately you can uproot the entire plant any time of the year.

  1. Covering the Japanese knotweed with tarps-In using tarps to smother and kill the Japanese knotweed completely, the explanation behind this is that by covering it with tarps or thick plastic that is not transparent will suppress the rapid growth of the weed when the season begins that gives you a good advantage in your efforts to get rid of it. You can invest large tarpaulins if the infestation has already grown big to cover everything.
  2. Spraying herbicide to eliminate Japanese Knotweed-Applying a weed killer to the Japanese knotweed will kill the plant instantly by repeatedly spraying it daily to suppress its growth until it gets exhausted from the potent chemicals of the herbicide. The best herbicide to kill Japanese knotweed is the glyphosate-based herbicides which are diluted with water to spray it on this invasive plant. Also, there is a method where a non-diluted glyphosate-based herbicide is injected directly to the plant’s cane for a more effective kill. The best time to spray herbicides to the Japanese knotweed is late summer and early fall.
  3. Cutting the Japanese knotweed-Another way to suppress the Japanese knotweed is through cutting it back which can be done in the entire summer to prevent photosynthesis to process the plant’s growing rapidly. The cuttings should be disposed of properly by putting all of it inside a bag since it can regrow itself by sprouting new roots.
  4. Digging the Japanese Knotweed-Digging up the ground where the Japanese knotweed grows is one of the most effective ways to eradicate this invasive plant. You can even dig up the rhizome-clumps that serves as the heart of the Japanese knotweed and responsible for its fast growth. After you dug up every last root and stem of the Japanese knotweed, make sure to properly bag everything and dispose it at an allocated disposal site to prevent it to regrow.


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