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CT Scans: Are They Effective And Safe?

Computerized (or computed) tomography, and mostly formerly referred to as computerized axial tomography (CAT) scan, is an X-ray process that mix up many X-ray images along with the help of a computer to produce cross-sectional views and, in case needed, three-dimensional images of the inside organs and structures of the body. Computerized tomography is much more commonly known by its abbreviated terms or names, CT scan or CAT scan. A CT scan is extensively used to define general and abnormal structures in the body or it helps in assisting in procedures by assisting to properly guide the placement of instruments or treatments.

A massive donut-shaped X-ray machine or scanner does take X-ray images at various different angles around the body. These pictures or images are processed by a computer to generate cross-sectional pictures of the body. In every single of these pictures the body is seen as an X-ray “slice” of body, and it is recorded on a film. Such a recorded image is known as a tomogram. “Computerized axial tomography” is all about the recorded tomogram “sections” at varied levels of the body. Once you go through CT scan in Bangalore or in your city; you will feel the advancement of this medical procedure.

What is the purpose of CT scan?

CT scans are performed to evaluate the internal structures of various parts of the body. It includes the head, wherein traumatic wounds, (such as blood clots or that of skull fractures), tumours, and even infections can be identified. In your spine, the bony structure of the vertebrae could be rightly defined, as can the anatomy of that of intervertebral discs and also spinal cord. Rather, CT scan methods can be employed to properly measure the density of bone in assessing osteoporosis.

Sometimes, contrast material (an X-ray dye) is also placed into the spinal fluid to further improve the scan and the different structural relationships of the spine, the spinal cord, and even its nerves. Contrast material is also often administered intravenously or via other ways prior to obtaining a CT scan. CT scans are even used in the chest to discover tumours, cysts, or even different types of infections that might be suspected on a chest X-ray. CT scans of your abdomen are really helpful in defining body organ anatomy, encompassing visualizing the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, spleen, aorta, uterus, kidneys, and ovaries. CT scans in this area are employed to verify the absence or presence of infection, tumours, abnormal anatomy, or changes of the body triggered by trauma.

A few facts about CT scan

  • CT scanning adds X-ray images along with the help of a computer to produce cross-sectional views of the anatomy of a patient.
  • CT scanning can discover normal and abnormal structures and get used to guide procedures.
  • CT scanning is absolutely painless and often works in the outpatient setting.
  • Iodine-containing contrast material is at times used in CT scanning. Patients having a history of allergy to iodine or contrast materials must notify their physicians and radiology people before getting into this procedure…

 How does a patient get ready for CT scan?

In preparation for a CT scan, individuals or patients are often asked to evade food, mainly when contrast material is to get used. Contrast material could be injected intravenously, or managed by mouth or by an enema so as to enhance the distinction between different organs or areas of the body.  Therefore, fluids and food could be restricted for various hours prior to the inspection. In case the patient has a history of allergy to contrast material like iodine, the requesting physician and radiology professionals should be notified. All types of metallic materials and certain clothing around the body are eradicated because they can interfere with the clearness of the images. Of course, that is the reason that the patient has to change into a hospital gown. Moreover, if he or she is wearing any ornaments, jewellery or any other accessories on their body they have to take them off. Even if they have any rods or any medical chip in their body or anything that is metallic; they have to tell the doctor prior to the procedure.

Patients are laid a movable table, and the table gets slipped into the center of a huge donut-shaped machine. This machine takes the X-ray images around the body. The actual process can take from half an hour to that of an hour and a half.  Of course, it really depends on which area of the body is getting scanned.  In case specific tests, biopsies, or even interventions are performed by the radiologist during CT scanning, extra time and monitoring could be needed.  It is vital during the CT scan procedure that the patient reduces any type of body movement by staying as still and quiet as is possible.  Such a thing significantly enhances the clarity of the X-ray images. The CT scan technologist informs the patient when to breathe or hold his or her breath during the procedure of scans of the chest and abdomen.  In case any type of problems is experienced during the CT scan, the technologist has to be informed immediately. The professionals or technologist directly watches the patient through an observation window during this procedure, and there is also an intercom system in the room for extra patient safety. Of course, the patient can talk to the professional through that intercom. In this way there remains proper conversation between the professional and the patient.  Moreover, there are noises emitted from CT scanner during the procedure. To ensure that the procedure goes smoothly; the patient can also be handed a headphones with music inn it. It is to ensure that they stay at ease and comfortable.


Thus, it is true that CT scans have widely improved the ability of doctors to diagnose plenty of diseases earlier in their course and with a lot less risk than previous techniques. Further refinements in CT scan method continue to evolve and this is something that promises even better picture quality and the safety of the patient. You should visit CT scan centres in Bangalore or in your area for better knowledge.

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