Beauty is a thing of attention for almost every individual since time immemorial. We need to be definitely honest about this. It is a matter of concern for both the male and female human. One of the main pillars of appearance is off course a rich mane. Now, associated with any good thing comes a string of difficulties. It is inevitable actually, so to speak. One such thing is a common problem, dandruff. Visions of dandruff can damage any well- put together look, be it formal or party ware.


This problem is prevalent even if you have a beautiful mass of color treated hair in bright hues. Maybe it’s a bit more prominent even! Dandruff is actually nothing but dead skin of the scalp. Dehydrated and dead cells make up most of the mass that we see as fluffy, white dust – like particles on our shoulder. This problem has a one -stop solution, working for both dandruff and obviously colored hair, which needs special care and that is a range of anti-dandruff shampoo, which is available at regular stores. However, most of this tends to be medically prepared, i.e. with a medicinal base.

ANTI- DANDRUFF BASE                

Usually, all hair types are more or less affected by this problem once at least. This becomes more of a headache in case of color treated hair. The regular anti-dandruff shampoo’s available in the markets are usually laden with selenium–based compounds. These, inadvertently affect the colored strands as the chemicals interfere with coloring molecules. Which results in fading of the color and hair being lackluster, sooner than expected. Thus it is advisable to use dandruff shampoo for color treated hair best.


To avoid this, the general practice is to go for the medicated versions of the anti-dandruff shampoo’s available easily. As we can see, the medicated shampoo uses a zinc compound and less of the selenium-based compound and is therefore much less harsh on the colored hair. Avoiding a dehydrating shampoo takes care of the scalp and hair, in totality. Actually, the sebaceous glands present in our scalp secrete sebum, which is an oily substance, responsible for maintaining the moisture level in our hair and scalp. The problem arises if someone has more- than –normal level active sebaceous glands. That is when the scalp becomes sticky and that passes on to the hair – follicles too. Treatment for this, on the other hand, dries up the scalp often, more than necessary. Hence, the route to take is the anti–dandruff shampoo’s as discussed.


Finally, it can be safely concluded that as we all like to have a clean appearance in totality, with a dash of an individual fashion statement, be it in our clothes or in the care for our lustrous tresses. Keeping that in mind, and taking note of all the advancements and inventions around us, one must be aware of all that may be done by us, instead of sitting and wasting our precious color treated hair! And give a shot to the best dandruff shampoo for color treated hair.

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