Buying Guide: Tips In Choosing The Best Fridge and Freezer

In any business that involves food, refrigeration is extremely important. This is why you need to have the best commercial equipment to do the job for you. This way, there would be less food spoilage and contamination, thus, you are not wasting any money. But if you are just starting up and are looking for a good quality fridge and freezer at any commercial kitchen equipment supplier online, then you have come to the right place.

Types of Refrigerators and Freezers

If you have the space for it, then it is best to have your cold storage in smaller units. This way, it will not work as hard as the larger ones to keep the contents cool. Here are the different types of refrigeration equipment that you can choose from:

  • Walk-In Fridge and Freezer. This should be placed outside or at the receiving area where you can store crates of ingredients. If you have deliveries, receive them directly into the walk-in to avoid traffic in the kitchen.
  • Two or Three Door Reach-In. This should be located inside the kitchen or in the prep area. You can store here prepared items in large amounts. You have to make sure to restock items here from your walk-in once or twice a week. If you have this, you would save time in getting items from the walk-in. This way, the preparation time would be much faster.
  • Single Door Reach-In. This fridge/freezer should be placed next to your kitchens’ fina production line. This is where you can store prepared produce, garnishes, or meat that you are going to use for the day. You will be able to have quick access to your items. You should restock weekly from your walk-in.
  • Roll-In. This fridge-freezer should be located inside your kitchen. It has empty cavities where you can place roll-in racks. Once you have the food prepared, you can place it on the racks then roll everything into the fridge/freezer all at once. This type is the best option if you are preparing food in advance.
  • Roll Through. This should be placed in between the prep and the stocking areas. They have empty cavities that can also accommodate roll-in racks. The difference is that they have traditional shelvings and have doors on both sides (front and rear) for easier access.

Compressor Location Should Be Considered

Now that you know the different types of refrigerators and freezers, the next thing to consider should be the compressor location. This would draw-in air in order to regulate the temperatures inside the refrigerator. You can choose depending on your preference. The bottom-mounted and the top-mounted compressors.

Door Type and Material

These two might sound as if it’s for aesthetic purposes only, but the door type and the material it is made of will greatly affect the type of refrigerator that you are going to choose. There are swing doors, half doors, and pass through. Your choice would depend on the location of your appliance.

When it comes to door material, you can choose from solid doors and glass doors because both have their own benefits. Solid doors are easier to clean and are more insulated. While the glass doors would make it easier for you to see the contents inside so you know if what you are looking for is there, thus, you are preventing wasted energy.

Choosing a refrigerator and freezer should not be that complicated. All you want is to know what you need for your refrigeration requirements.

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