Better and fast analysis of surveillance video with video analytics service

Better and fast analysis of surveillance video with video analytics service

Technological advancements make the business to go smarter and better in most of the areas. With countless technical products, software, and solutions with the benefits of artificial intelligence, most of the activities are automated to increase accuracy, perfection, and productivity. Human involvement is reduced to its maximum extent in cutting down the operating cost and to save a good volume of time on each of the activities. Video analytics service is one of the latest solutions used by good numbers of businesses nowadays for various reasons.

CCTV is everywhere         

Now CCTV is everywhere and most of the businesses are under camera surveillance. Are you sure to make the best use of it apart from security issues?  Does your manual staff spend hours of time to analyze the surveillance video to generate the reports you need? If you doubt to make use of the system in a better way without taking hours of effort, then it is the time to think about the best video analytics companies india. They provide you with the best solution to bring video analytics as one of the inevitable services for your business to analyze and generate important reports from videos without tiring and time-consuming effort from the end of human staffs.

Detection of potential threats

What about getting the alerts on suspicious activities before it results in any of the severe issues. This is what video analytics service assure you instead of checking the footage after the occurrence of any of the incidents. These solutions made with the benefit of artificial intelligence goes live and trace any sort of unusual and suspicious movements of the people in the premises, check for the presence of any suspicious objects, detection of loss of connection, blurred video or image and more. The solutions provide alerts on any sort of potential threats that can affect the smooth working of the premises.

Traffic flow

The service detects and records the traffic within specified areas. The reports are generated for zones with higher and lower traffic. This help the business to know about the trends and expectations of the customers towards particular products and services and to take necessary actions to provide satisfactory service for them in accordance with the traffic level. This information helps to increase or decrease the sales staff and other facilities to ensure smooth transactions.

People counting

Are you sure that your business increases with the increase in numbers of people? Do you need to know about the total numbers of persons visited your business during a particular period of time? Then video analytics service can help you. People counting are made automatically and this information is so important for the businesses in analyzing the success rate of different businesses promotion strategies. This helps them know the increase in the rate of the crowd in response to an offer or discount sale and its proportion with the increase in total volume of sale.

Get the best solution for video analytics as a service to make an effective analysis of surveillance videos and to generate reports on several aspects that you don’t even know possible.

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