Running a successful business in a highly competitive country like India can be challenging enough. Every season brings up a new obstacle and only those who adapt ultimately manage to stay afloat. In today’s world when anything and everything has become digital, it is almost like a compulsion for companies to do the same.

In addition to providing top-class product or service, organisations are required to market their services online, which is nothing short of a battlefield in its own ways. Several on-page and off-page techniques can be administered to optimise your business online. After all, when 71% of users who have a good experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend it to others, it is obvious for brands to use it to the fullest. Out of them all, promoting through sms and emails is said to be the most effective and low-cost way.

This is true as many youngsters are prone to subscribing to a service based on the promotional contents, they receive via sms or email. Just sending computer-generated texts to hundreds of people will be of use. Customisation of such messages to suit the particular needs of that person has more probability of them subscribing to your service and recommending it to others.

Together with the right strategies of marketing, choosing the right location to set up a business is important too. After Bangalore, it is expected that Hyderabad will grow to become the breeding ground that shall attract start-ups and businesses of all kinds. We can provide top-notch bulk sms service in Hyderabad or anywhere else in India.

We use Application Program Interface (API) to enable your customers with the power of communication from within the platform itself. It can all happen with just a single click. We provide users with the authority to communicate directly with the organisation through email, sms or voice calls.

Security is one thing that every organisation looks for in a service provider. We provide secure cloud-based storage solutions and a 2-step login system authenticates those who sign up after verification by means of email or OTP. Our impeccable secure environment is what makes companies like Godrej and ICICI Prudential trust us with their sensitive data.  As the API is integrated into your own product, timely notification and statistics of the progress will be recorded and sent to the companies via email. Also, all transaction and order details will be delivered on a regular basis to the organisations.

We aim for the API to produce a 99.9% success rate. Other challenges we face during coding or the development stage is ours to take care of. We provide 24×7 customer service to all the customers of our clients and are always ready to answer any queries from the company’s side as well.

We could not have become one of the leading bulk sms service provider in Hyderabad, if not for our sincerity and the 5000+ companies we have served so far.

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