All About Shampoo Bars: Can It Cleanse Your Hair Thoroughly?

All About Shampoo Bars: Can It Cleanse Your Hair Thoroughly?

Maybe, you’ve probably heard about shampoo bars from your friend who loves to use organic and natural products, or perhaps to a friend who loves to travel and backpack a lot. Shampoo bars may sound like a crazy idea, but do they pull out the same features as your ordinary soap? Can a shampoo bar cleanse your hair thoroughly?

Shampoo Bars: What is it?

If you’re curious about the looks and detailed description of many shampoo bars out in the market today, take a look at Australian made soap & beauty products online and see it for yourself.

In general, shampoo bars looks precisely the same as the solid bar soaps. The only difference is that the shampoo bar is made for cleansing your hair, and solid bar soaps are made to cleanse your body.

If you look closely at the ingredients in your usual shampoo bottle, you can a lot of ingredients, and some of these are harmful and toxic. Unlike with the natural shampoo bars, you can make sure that the ingredients are all came from the gift of nature, that’s why it is organic.

Solid shampoo bars don’t make your hair feel greasy even though it doesn’t produce lather or too many bubbles. Because like what was mentioned earlier, it doesn’t contain unnecessary harmful chemicals to create bubbles. It doesn’t have any preservatives, so it is 100% safe for your hair, even for babies’ hair!

Different Kinds of Shampoo Bars

Know what kind of shampoo bars you think will suit the lather for your hair.

1. Old Processed

Home crafters usually created it, and most of the products came from a natural product company. They used ingredients like coconut, sweet almond, grapeseed, castor, together with essential oils for a pleasant aroma and therapeutic benefits.

These shampoo bars don’t contain any harsh chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate. It is made purely from natural and organic ingredients, and it doesn’t have any preservatives. Though this shampoo bar doesn’t produce too much lather, so don’t expect.

2. Glycerin Based

This kind of shampoo bars are made to be gentler on the hair, but there might be some ingredients came from palm oil, so always check the label before making a purchase. Also, they won’t lather up too like the old processed type, since this is also made from natural ingredients.

The reason why you need to check the label because palm oil is not suitable for your hair. Imagine you’re using the oil that is made for cooking? Isn’t it gross?

3. Solid Surfactant Bars

This kind of shampoo bar is not organic, and it contains sodium lauryl sulfate to create a lather or bubbles. This harmful chemical is proven to be damaging to your hair, so, ditch this kind of product. Always make sure to read the label first! Some shampoo bars looks like a natural and organic soap because of the packaging, but in reality, they are not!

Shampoo bars are usually packaged in a brown paper or cardboard to make a nature-loving appearance that attracts nature lover individuals. Also, it is light, compact, and handy, and it makes the perfect travel hygiene item for travelers. Indeed, shampoo bars can give excellent benefits and lots of advantages for individuals, so what are you waiting for? Throw your harmful bottled shampoo, and grab an organic and natural shampoo bars on your local eco-friendly stores!


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